Herbicide Placement

Oxadiazon 2G (Ronstar™2G) On Biodac Carrier Application

Inert Carrier Material Benefits:

  • Smallest Granular Particle Size Material Available – This allows for better turf canopy penetration.  The particle size used is smaller than a greens grade “mini-prill” fertilizer; this size is commonly referred to as “micro grade” and is the smallest size commercially available.  This small granule size allows for more granules per volume unit of measure.  The smaller size also creates a more uniform coverage spread pattern and ultimately a better pre-emerge weed barrier.
  • Dust Free Formulation – Biodac is dust free with limited risk of turf burn.
  • Strict Manufacturing Controls– The carrier is manufactured with very tight tolerances for particle sizing and dust.  Biodac also has a very predictable chemical release profile making it the premier pesticide carrier.

DrySpray™ Application Benefits:

  • Air Assisted Delivery – The air delivery system insures granular pesticides are applied on target with limited drift.  The air delivery system also helps the applied material work its way into the turf canopy due to the positive airflow to the ground increasing pesticide soil contact.
  • Uniform Delivery – The ground driven positive displacement meter system allows the equipment to deliver consistent material flow regardless of the terrain or ground speed.
  • Accurate Delivery – Computer assisted rate measurement devices provide accurate load tracking as each load is applied which allows our equipment to maintain highly accurate on target product delivery.

Southeastern Turf Grass Supply Benefits:

  • Chemical Application Company – We have been applying pesticides for our customers since 1981.  We developed and built the first slit applicator for Mocap applications in 1983.  We developed and have successfully used the DrySpray™ technology since 1996 for pesticide and seed applications.
  • Operators – Our equipment operators have many years in the fine turf industry and have been with our company for long periods of time.  The advantage of our skilled long term employees is one we feel gives us a significant competitive edge over other application companies.
  • Industry Commitment – We have been long-term members of the GCSAA and FTGA.  We have also worked with chemical companies doing pesticide development work and have done field training at Universities on pesticide application.
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