Herbicide Placement

Oxadiazon 2G (Ronstar™2G) On Biodac Carrier Application

Inert Carrier Material Benefits:

  • Smallest Granular Particle Size Material Available – This allows for better turf canopy penetration.  The particle size used is smaller than a greens grade “mini-prill” fertilizer; this size is commonly referred to as “micro grade” and is the smallest size commercially available.  This small granule size allows for more granules per volume unit of measure.  The smaller size also creates a more uniform coverage spread pattern and ultimately a better pre-emerge weed barrier.
  • Dust Free Formulation – Biodac is dust free with limited risk of turf burn.
  • Strict Manufacturing Controls– The carrier is manufactured with very tight tolerances for particle sizing and dust.  Biodac also has a very predictable chemical release profile making it the premier pesticide carrier.

DrySpray™ Application Benefits:

  • Air Assisted Delivery – The air delivery system insures granular pesticides are applied on target with limited drift.  The air delivery system also helps the applied material work its way into the turf canopy due to the positive airflow to the ground increasing pesticide soil contact.
  • Uniform Delivery – The ground driven positive displacement meter system allows the equipment to deliver consistent material flow regardless of the terrain or ground speed.
  • Accurate Delivery – Computer assisted rate measurement devices provide accurate load tracking as each load is applied which allows our equipment to maintain highly accurate on target product delivery.

Southeastern Turf Grass Supply Benefits:

  • Chemical Application Company – We have been applying pesticides for our customers since 1981.  We developed and built the first slit applicator for Mocap applications in 1983.  We developed and have successfully used the DrySpray™ technology since 1996 for pesticide and seed applications.
  • Operators – Our equipment operators have many years in the fine turf industry and have been with our company for long periods of time.  The advantage of our skilled long term employees is one we feel gives us a significant competitive edge over other application companies.
  • Industry Commitment – We have been long-term members of the GCSAA and FTGA.  We have also worked with chemical companies doing pesticide development work and have done field training at Universities on pesticide application.
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Aerification – Greens and Fairways


Our BLEC fairway aerifications are extremely clean. The BLEC’s unique continuous slit aerification and soil shattering capabilities provide for a long lasting aerification. You will see compacted areas green up in a matter of days—keeping this vigor much longer than conventional aerification. Longer aerifying blades penetrate up to ten inches into the soil profile, providing  tilth, soil porosity and improved drainage. Deeply aerified soil promotes strong root growth and healthy turf, keeping it resilient during periods of stress. We use three machines and can aerify approximately 20 acres per day.


Our fast, clean Soil Reliever Super70 aerification will not disrupt your greens. We aerate turf fast with the quality that our customers have come to expect. At 25,000 square feet per hour with a 2.5″ x 2.5″ center to center pattern, our machines are clean and fast. We have a myriad of tine choices and can customize our tine and block set up for your special needs.

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Call us to schedule the best aerificaiton crews in the region. We deliver a premier product and know the results you want.


For surface and sub-surface water problems, let us help. Courses often develop serious drainage problems after construction due to the ‘settling in’ of turf. Drain problems also occur due to naturally saturated problem soils (usually clay or muck soils), or from failed older drain materials. Whether drain problems arise from new construction, design issues or natural soil conditions, they can cause serious play problems.

Let our 15 years of solving drain problems help your course. We specialize in repairing existing drain problems a can move water over mounds and elevated grades without undue course damage.

Permeable Drain Basins allow complete drainage  to the full basin depth and come in 2′ to 6′ designs for  maximum drainage.

Siphon Systems efficiently move water regardless of course terrain contours.

We provide drainage solutions, for all at one time installations or a longer range, sometimes spanning years, drainage installation programs for your course. Let us know what you problems are and we will help implement the right drainage solutions for your course.

Over Seeding

dscn0175Our DrySpray™ overseeding service efficiently applies rya, poa-triv or bent-grass seed by a ground driven quadruple overlapping boom method insuring a very precise product application. The spread pattern width is always constant regardless of material weight. There is no pattern shift or ballistic separation, putting seed only where you want it.

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Pesticide Application

We have five slit applications, capable of 150 acres per day. We also have four DrySpray™ application machines capable of 240 acres per day, as well as three spray rigs capable of 180 acres per day.

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Root Pruning

Root encroachment saps vital nutrients from your turf and creates unsightly compacted areas. Our root pruning service has proven itself to be a clean, safe and effective way to cut unwanted roots. Our machine is capable of pruning approximately nine holes a day.

Additional Information:


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